Gang Prevention Programs in Lake County, IL

One of the most significant challenges that children and young adults face in some communities is gang activity and violence. Unfortunately, many members of gangs will start to get involved in activities at a very young age. Before they are even old enough to make informed and mature decisions, they may be at a point where it is too difficult to get out. Because of this, helping young people avoid getting into gangs is very important. One organization that is dedicated to helping with gang prevention in the Waukegan area is the 100 Ways Foundation.

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Focus on Outreach

One of the ways the 100 Ways Foundation can help with gang violence prevention is by providing top outreach services for those in the area. The 100 Ways Foundation has offered a lot of support by working with at-risk youth. They are dedicated to finding those in need of their services and providing the guidance necessary to avoid these risks. Offering alternatives to gang activity can go a long way toward helping someone thrive.

Mentorship and Guidance

Also, the 100 Ways Foundation provides top mentorship and guidance services. Many at-risk youths do not have leaders and others that they can look up to. When coming to the 100 Ways Foundation, someone will receive this one-on-one support that someone can use to improve their position and ability to be successful.

The 100 Ways Foundation has been a great organization in the Waukegan area since it opened its doors in 2016. Today, it continues to help children and young adults avoid serious pitfalls including dropping out of school, participating in gang activity, and becoming addicted to drugs. If you are in need of support services or would like to help volunteer with this valuable organization, it would be a great idea to call them today by dialing (847) 505-4745.