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Outreach Programs in Lake County, IL

Providing children and adults of all ages with the resources they need to thrive is very important. While this includes ensuring they have access to food and shelter, it is also important to ensure that they can stay away from things and activities that can provide harm. This includes violence, being involved with gangs, or becoming addicted to drugs or other substances. One organization that has continued to support those in the Lake County, IL area for the past several years is the 100 Ways Foundation.

Support for At-Risk Youth

One of the areas of focus for the 100 Ways Foundation is to provide support for at-risk young people in the Lake County, IL area. Gang violence, drugs, and other issues continue to be problematic for those living in certain areas of Waukegan. In many situations, the children and young adults living here will need help getting past these challenges.

Experience & Dedication

The 100 Ways Foundation has also shown that they are dedicated to the local community. The 100 Ways Foundation first opened its doors in 2016. Today, they have a full-time staff of four people. However, there is also a popular volunteer program that utilizes the resources of others in the community to help achieve their mission.

Donate and Volunteer

While the 100 Ways Foundation has continued to do a lot of good since it opened its doors in 2016, they continue to rely on the donations and support of volunteers. If you are looking for ways to give back to the 100 Ways Foundation, you can do so by either providing a donation or giving your time. There are a lot of opportunities that will allow you to help others that are in need.

leading nonprofit organization

In theLake County, IL area, the 100 Ways Foundation continues to be a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to helping improve the lives of all people in the community. They offer a variety of outreach programs that can help people thrive and avoid the risks that can come with gangs, violence, or drug and alcohol addiction. If you or someone you know is in need of support or you would like to donate and support the 100 Ways Foundation, it would be a good idea to call them today by dialing (847) 505-4745.