Community Outreach Programs in Lake County, IL

Ensuring that young adults and children have access to the resources they need to thrive is very important. Unfortunately, lack of resources, crime, and other issues make it challenging for many kids and young adults to get the support they need to thrive. For those in the Lake County, IL area, one community service outreach program that has continued to provide great support is the 100 Ways Foundation.
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Provide Direct Services to Those in Need

One of the main focuses of the 100 Ways Foundation is to provide direct services to those in need. Many people in the Lake County, IL area need to deal with gang violence, drugs, crime, and overall lack of resources on a daily basis. This can make it very difficult for a child or young adult to go down a path that will allow them to be successful. With the 100 Ways Foundation, someone that is challenged may be able to get this support. This organization focuses on providing resources to those that are in need. This can include ensuring they have a safe place to spend time after school, having access to educational resources, getting clothing and food when needed, and having mentorship to help guide them in the right direction.

Raise Awareness

While the 100 Ways Foundation is dedicated to helping those in their community, they are also focused on raising awareness. The 100 Ways Foundation has a variety of donation and volunteering programs that help to raise awareness with others in the community. This has helped to raise more money, which can then be used to help even more people. The 100 Ways Foundation has continued to provide top outreach services to the Lake County, IL area since it opened its doors in 2016. For those that need services and support in this area, calling the 100 Ways Foundation by dialing (847) 505-4745 would be a great option. Not only can they provide outreach and support services, but it is a great group to work with if you want to donate, volunteer, or give back to the community.